Ramawat Heart & General Medicine Hospital & Medical Research Center,

is well equipped

  • Varun Diagnostic Pathology Lab
  • X-ray Canter
  • Cardiac Lab
    • ECG, Spirometry,
    • TMT
    • Holter Monitoring
    • Color Doppler Echo
    • EEG
    • Periscope & Audiometry


  • Our team of doctors is headed by an eminent Cardiologist and Physician Capt. Dr. D.K. Ramawat.
  • He is an MD in Medicine with a PhD in Cardiology (Gold Medalist).
  • He is assisted by Dr. Radha Ramawat, a PhD in Rajyoga & Meditation, and Dr. Vikrant, an MBBS.


  • Ramawat Heart & General Medicine Hospital & Medical Research Center, Barmer / Jaipur facilitate complete care of coronary heart disease patients.
  • It is managed by well trained and highly experienced staff.
  • It is well equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.


  • Hospital equipment list comprises of all the machines required for diagnosis or treatment of the patients.
  • Hospital is equipped with ECG Machine, Echocardiogram, EEG Machine, Holter Monitor, TMT Machine and Nycocard-Reader just to name a few.

Managed by

Capt. Dr. D.K.Ramawat

MD (Medicine), Ph.D. (Cardiology) (Gold Medalist), Consultant Cardiologist & Physician.


Sometimes lifestyle changes aren’t enough to control your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, or other CHD risk factors. Your doctor also may prescribe medicines. For example, you may need medicines to:

  • Lower your LDL cholesterol
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Lower your blood sugar level
  • Prevent blood clots and/or inflammation

Take your medicines as prescribed. Don’t cut back on the dosage unless your doctor tells you to. If you have side effects or other problems related to your medicines, talk with your doctor. He or she may be able to provide other options.

You should still follow a heart healthy lifestyle, even if you take medicines to control your CHD risk factors.