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Some Key points on specific Virtues

1.    Contentment:-
A state of happy and comfortable heads & heart. Both feel contentment
Stop putting question of why, instead put full-stop to over - thinking
Develop attitude of blameless, selflessness and desire less
Give blessings and receive blessings
Be a detached observer
Be full of Pearls of Knowledge, Virtues and spiritual Powers
Be free from limited attainments
Consider odd situations as a puppet show
2.     Easiness:-
Means easily able to adopt the power to pack up
More Co- operative, Loveful, Broad and Far- sighted intellect
No waste thoughts or over thinking
Always active and ever ready
Cleanliness and Honest heart
No task is difficult only some weak - Sanskaras make things difficult
Easy nature overcome all difficulties
3.     Patience:-
Is like a protective wall and offers you shelter
Is a virtues of self Transformation
Make you Cool and Calm
It help you to assess Self Realization
It makes environment Peaceful and loveful
Makes you to receive help from God
4.     Fearlessness:-
It is sign of Faith and Courage
In a Soul -Conscious state you are fearless
Body conscious makes you fearful out of attachments, be free from it
Fear comes out of Falsehood and Doubtful nature
Be victorious with power of truth
5.     Truthfulness:-
Accumulates Power of truth through Virtue of purity of Mind, Intellect and
Speak Truth with Humility
No wastage of time, Energy and Thoughts
Truth makes you Delightful and Successful
Truth is revealed in the form of Divinity on your face