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Opening the Coronary vessels

I am infront of my Supreme Father, Ocean of Light and Might.
I experience rays Of light and might descending on me, the soul, a point of light..... and through me into my heart...... I feel these rays charging my soul, my heart with vibrations of purity, peace and love..... I am bathing in golden red light.... strong LASER rays are descending from Supreme on me.... through me into me blocked coronary artery.... cholesterol causing the block, is melting like wax.... I can feel my artery opening.... More and more blood is flowing into the heart muscle.... My heart is functioning better and better.

I have the deep realization of being separate from the body.... I feel that I am a brilliant point of light with rays of very high intensity are getting focused on my blocked artery..... My blockages are melting like ice melts under the sun.... .My coronaries are opening.... My coronaries are opening.... My coronaries are opening.... I can feel the normal functioning of my heart..... My heart is beating to the rhythm of love.